When an organization has a critical decision to make about the direction of the company, all the company’s stakeholders are brought “to the table” for the discussion. This “table” will be surrounded by the leaders or managers of each of the significant areas, including finance, operations, procurement, and sales, among others. So why isn’t HR normally included?

The fact is — for the past 30 plus years, most organizations have treated HR as a cost center, NOT a profit center. Simply put, profit centers of a company add money to the bottom line of the P/L, while cost centers (which are needed) are generally seen as expenses to the company without any direct contribution to the bottom line. This mindset was based on the idea that finding new employees was easy and straightforward… because there were always more people looking for jobs than there were jobs available in any given geographical radius. Oh, how the times have changed…

If you have followed my previous blogs, you will remember that the US workforce will be 6.5 to 8 million people short for the next 10 years. As an immediate indicator of the coming chaos, note that there are currently 2.1 open jobs to every unemployed person in the country. The bottom line is that there are not enough breathing human beings in America to fill all the open jobs being vacated by the Baby Boomers at a rate of 12,500 per DAY.

So how exactly are these profit centers in your organization going to function if HR doesn’t recruit and retain the talented employees they need? Who will run the machine, drive the truck, or answer the customer service and sales calls that generate all the income for your organization? That which we have taken for granted for so long is now up for grabs between companies competing over a limited number of candidates.

HR is now (but has always been) a critical seat at the table. If you haven’t already, time to invite them in…

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