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Award-Winning Innovative Keynote Speaker and Author & Subject Matter Expert on Recruiting & Retaining Talent

Winning the War for Talent

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Transforming the Hiring Process and Positively Impacting Employee Development​

Chris Czarnik, Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker and Author, is the architect of critical theory, processes and books designed to transform hiring and employee development efforts around the country. He’s known across the globe as the creator of an innovative approach to job search known as “The Human Search Engine®” and for “Winning the War for Talent,” a transformative approach to hiring and team growth and development.

He has spent 20 years figuring out why people leave certain jobs… and what makes them stay.

“I woke up at 40 years old and couldn’t work another day as an Operations Manager at a paper mill. I thought the money would be enough, but I knew that I was in the wrong job and the wrong situation,” Chris says. “I like to think that I’m pretty bright, and I know I have a head for processes, so how did I end up in the wrong place?”

With that mindset, Chris set out to understand why people look for jobs differently than we do other major life choices. 

Think about the car you drive, the house you own, the person you decided to marry.

Chances are, you didn’t just see a posting and say, “Hey, that looks neat, I’ll give it a try” without knowing that the car, home, or even the spouse would meet your needs. So why do it with a job?

Chris knows jobs. He knows that a job description isn’t enough. And he knows how to help both job creators and job seekers find each other.

“I’m trying to put myself out of a job,” Chris says. “My goal is to teach people a process that they can use over and over again, regardless of the position. If it’s not implementable, repeatable, auditable, and adaptable it’s just not going to work.”

Chris currently serves as the subject matter expert on recruiting and retaining talent for Vistage Worldwide, the world’s largest executive coaching and peer advisory organization bringing together leaders to learn and grow. He’s available for speaking engagements, in which he delivers dynamic presentations about career search, talent development and leadership training, and also hosts weekly mastermind groups.

Chris has authored several books on the topic of recruiting and developing talent: Job Search Revolution: A Radical Approach to Landing Your Dream Job, Human Search Engine for Career Search, and Winning The War For Talent.


“Chris and team are in it to serve people. He offers the best quality coaching I’ve witnessed, in action. I highly recommend reaching out, connecting, and investing in his services”

Heather Ann Koehn

“I spoke with Chris for 20 minutes and it was jam-packed with great ideas, blunt dialogue, and reaffirmed why I was starting to look.  He gave me some great insights and starting points in my search. I would recommend Chris to anyone looking for a change in their search and a change in viewing their job search.”

Ryan McNamara

“The Human Search Engine, on top of all the seminars and education I’ve gotten from Chris Czarnik, it’s truly amazing! So many habit wake-up calls and a lot of amazing encouragement and opportunity!”

Jordy Wasser

Awards & Recognition

Recruiting & Retaining Talent
Subject Matter Expert

The National Roofing Contractors Associations includes 2500+ companies

Recruiting & Retaining Talent
Subject Matter Expert

Private advisory groups for CEOs, executives, and business owners

Recruiting & Retaining Talent
Subject Matter Expert

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers includes near 1000 companies

Career Choice & Career Change
Subject Matter Expert

Largest publisher in the United States

Recruiting & Retaining Talent
Subject Matter Expert

The Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership serves near 500 Wisconsin businesses

Wisconsin Leadership Development Institute Graduate

Designed to prepare future leaders for the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS)

United States Army Infantry Officer

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