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Chris is an author and architect of critical theory and processes designed to transform recruiting and employee development. His style is like no other. You will not only be energized and delighted but will walk away with actionable unique strategies you can put to work right away to become hunters of talent. In this workshop, Chris will shift your mindset and share strategies to become an Employer of Choice so that retention is never an issue.

Who Should Attend?

Company leaders will benefit from discussions of innovative techniques for winning recruitment strategies. Come with an open mind and clear understanding of your organization’s goals for hiring the best candidates in your industry. We recommend sending your CEO, President, VPs, and Human Resources executives, along with key management stakeholders.

What Should You Expect?

Our workshops are custom-designed and delivered in a confidential setting. You should plan for the first full day on site with your team. There are four additional virtual sessions that take about an hour each. Chris will evaluate current practices and collaborate with your team to create a results-oriented plan. Your investment results in a custom solution that you can implement right away.

Customize a Workshop with Chris

The day is customized to spend more time on topics and areas that you need the most.

Training Topics:

"Today's biggest issue for most businesses is attracting and retaining the right talent. Chris takes the effective approach of showing you what you need to improve on to win the talent war and then teaching you how to sustain these improvements in your organization. Chris is very hands-on, high-energy, approachable, and direct. His is not encumbered by the typical definition of a consultant!"
Thomas L Saeli
CEO, Duro-Last Roofing | JRB Enterprises, Inc.


Deep Dive Research and Analysis

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Goals and Outcomes

This workshop series will help your business create more efficient and productive recruiting strategies. You will document and create a plan to address your recruitment problem and employ proven techniques to streamline the hiring process. Here is what you can expect.

"Chris’s presentation was high energy and thought-provoking. He helped us realize that recruiting and retaining talent doesn’t have to be difficult, we just need to apply common sense and known business practices to our recruitment efforts. We’re really looking forward to implementing the ideas and strategies that came out of our two-day workshop!”
Reed Goodling
President, GSM Roofing

My Latest Book

My third book shows you how to attract, engage, and retain employees that are a great fit for your organization. I share easy, simple, and no-cost solutions that come directly from my decades of experience working as a hiring manager and career coach. I know why people leave organizations – and this book helps you fix those things so you become an “Employer of Choice“!

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