Winning the War
for Talent

Companies across America will struggle with recruiting and retaining talent within the next 5 years. Chris Czarnik has been helping companies across the nation change the way they recruit talent with a unique process that is proven to retain them.  

With over 20 years of experience, Chris is a sought-after keynote speaker, trainer, coach, and author.  His process-oriented solution has been sharpened after transforming hundreds of companies and speaking to thousands of business leaders. 

As one of the most accomplished career coaches in the country, Chris can teach you how to solve your talent issues once and for all.  Let him teach you how to transform your workforce.

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Top Performer & Subject Matter Expert

Expert Innovation Keynote Speaker on Hiring & Retaining Talent

I share easy, simple, and cost-effective solutions coming directly from my decades of experience working as a hiring manager and career coach.


An internationally in-demand innovation keynote speaker whose style is like no other. Audiences are energized, delighted and walk away with actionable strategies they use right away. 

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Our process-oriented trainings help you create a cross-functional internal recruiting team and actionable plans to attract, retain, and lead employees. Become an Employer of Choice

Winning the War
for Talent

Recruit, Retain, and Develop The Talent Your Business Needs to Survive and Thrive

Written by Chris Czarnik

Results-Driven Action Plan

“Halfway through Chris Czarnik’s book, I recognized that his approach was the secret weapon in winning our own war for talent. So I immediately reached out for his help. In his workshop with my leadership team, Chris revealed his proprietary step-by-step process. Most importantly, we walked away from the workshop with an action plan that yielded our first hires within thirty days (we had been unsuccessfully searching for six months). To anyone frustrated with the old rules of hiring, which no longer work, learn and follow Chris’s proprietary process.”

Lance Edwards, First Cornerstone Group, LLC
Houston, Texas • Three Time Inc.5000 Winner

Get the People You are Looking For

“Last year I found myself being burned out. I didn’t want to do the things I typically do to continue my learning path. I stopped reading books, listening to podcasts, and sitting in on webinars I typically would to better myself.

This year I told myself I had rested enough and it was time to get back on the learning train. I was at a Vistage Worldwide, Inc. event that Chris Czarnik was speaking at and was very impressed by what he had to say. He was kind enough to give me a book and I read this thing as soon as I hopped on the plane later that day. I cannot say enough great things about this books and its teachings. If you are having trouble hiring people (we all are, so don’t act like you aren’t) I cannot recommend this book enough. It has amazing insights into why we are having issues hiring people and how to refocus your brain on how we go after good talent. Check out this book, and check out Chris. They can help you get the people you are looking for!”

Aaron Stapleton, Trinity In Home Care
Cincinnati, OH • Founder & CEO

Chris's Story

Chris Czarnik is one of the most accomplished career coaches in the country with over 20 years’ experience as a former military officer, human resource manager and career services manager.  During his time as a national career search expert and motivational speaker, he created the innovative approach to job search, known as “The Human Search Engine” which was introduced into the 113th Congress as a national job search model. In 2016, the US Congress adopted this process as their outplacement tool.  He was then named a Subject Matter Expert on Career Related Topics for Pearson Publishing.

With the transition of our workforce, Chris expanded his coaching to work with organizations and created a unique process to identify talent personas to recruit, develop and retain great employees. He authored, “Winning the War for Talent” and trains leaders across the country; teaching process-based solutions that work in today’s challenging landscape.  Chris also serves as the Subject Matter Expert nationwide for associations and Vistage, the world’s largest CEO coaching and peer advisory network.

Chris is sought after to Win the War for Talent.  He can help you solve your talent issues once and for all.


Winning the War for Talent, which Chris led us through, has helped us to transform our employee recruiting and retention processes. He taught us how to go from a disqualification of candidates mindset that manufacturing has used for the last 50+ years to an ability to recognize talent in under-employed people that end up being great employees and great advocates for our business when trying to find new employees. These methods have helped us to increase our staff 15% per month for the last 5 months, to help us fuel our growth. It has been a great program.”
David Verhoff
President | Basin Precision Machining
"Following the workshop, the impact on our ad redesign has proven invaluable, particularly in elevating our branding efforts to effectively showcase the firm and its distinctive culture. This positive change has led to increased engagement and a higher level of interest in our offerings.

Furthermore, the workshop, inclusive of personality testing, played a pivotal role in fostering a shared vision among our leadership. Through a platform for collaborative discussions and the incorporation of insights from personality testing, it facilitated a deeper understanding of our goals and strategies. This shared vision, combined with leadership buy-in, has not only enhanced team cohesion but has also significantly boosted overall efficiency within our organization."
Servete Xhudo-Bradley
Director of Human Resources | MB Attorneys at Law
"Today's biggest issue for most businesses is attracting and retaining the right talent. Chris takes the effective approach of showing you what you need to improve on to win the talent war and then teaching you how to sustain these improvements in your organization. Chris is very hands-on, high-energy, approachable, and direct. His is not encumbered by the typical definition of a consultant!"
John Reynders
Principal Consultant | TUV Rheinland of North America

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