Winning The War for Talent

I have spent the last 20 years figuring out why people go to and leave organizations. As one of the most accomplished career coaches in the country, I have helped thousands of job seekers figure out how to identify organizations and jobs that are a great fit for them. As one CEO said, “If you are fishing for talent…he just spent the last 17 years with the fish!” Talk to me about how I can help you to transform your workforce.

Vistage gives Chris Czarnik a Top Performer Award

Who I've Worked With:

Chris Czarnik has worked with UW-Madison.
Author Chris Czarnik has worked with Vistage.
Author Chris Czarnik has worked with the United States House of Representatives.
Author Chris Czarnik has worked with Pearson.
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What I Do

I share easy, simple, and cost-effective solutions coming directly from my decades of experience working as a hiring manager and career coach.

I Speak.

An internationally in-demand keynote whose style is like no other. Audiences are energized, delighted and walk away with actionable strategies they use right away.

I Teach.

Our process-oriented programs help you create a cross-functional internal recruiting team and actionable plans to attract, retain, and lead employees. Become an Employer of Choice.

I Coach.

An internationally in-demand speaker who’s style is like no other. Audiences are energized, delighted, and walk away with actionable strategies they use right away.

Need Advice?

Finding the right job or the perfect talent for your organization can be stressful. I provide solutions that can alleviate some of that stress. Let’s talk about how I can help.

My Books & Courses

I’ve had over 20 years of experience helping thousands of individuals – face to face and in groups – find jobs they love at companies where they are appreciated. You’ve always had control over your career, but now more than ever you can use our processes to find a role you truly love!

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“Halfway through Chris Czarnik’s book, I recognized that his approach was the secret weapon in winning our own war for talent. So I immediately reached out for his help. In his workshop with my leadership team, Chris revealed his proprietary step-by-step process. Most importantly, we walked away from the workshop with an action plan that yielded our first hires within thirty days (we had been unsuccessfully searching for six months). To anyone frustrated with the old rules of hiring, which no longer work, learn & follow Chris’ proprietary process.”

Lance Edwards, First Cornerstone Group, LLC
Houston, Texas • Three Time Inc.5000 Winner

Talent Revolution

Advice, guidance, and feedback on how to traverse the new world of hiring from Chris Czarnik (and some surprise guests!)

My Story

I’m an award-winning national career search expert with more than 12 years of job search training and motivational speaking experience. I created and refined the innovative approach to job search, known as The Human Search Engine® by working with thousands of job seekers over more than a decade.

I am a leading adjunct career search instructor for the 5th largest research university in the nation, as well as many colleges and universities across the country. My process was introduced to the 113th United States Congress as a national job search and Workforce Development model and I currently work with Workforce Development centers across the nation to reform the way people find a new job.

As a thought-leader, I deliver dynamic presentations on the subjects of career search, leadership, and sales training to thousands of people every year.

Chris Czarnik is an award-winning author and dynamic speaker on job searching and recruiting and retaining talent
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