To increase a company’s success, one of the concepts I teach them is simple: Recruiting great people starts by understanding that people have never been taught how to figure out where they should go to work. The only one who knows who belongs working in their organization… is the one hiring. Let’s dissect this.

Ask yourself, “Have you, or has anyone you know, ever been taught to do research to figure out where you are supposed to go work, and what you should be doing there?” The answer is an overwhelming NO.

So, let’s get this straight… You wouldn’t buy a house without doing research. You wouldn’t buy a car without doing research. Heck, you likely wouldn’t go out for pizza without researching the restaurant on YELP. Yet, all of us have been taught that we should decide where we should spend 2,000 hours a year for the next 5 years of our life by sending a resume to a person we have never met, at a company we have never heard of, for a job we have never done. Wow, no wonder people end up in the wrong type of job!

With all that in mind, why would we advertise our job openings by describing the job we need done? If people don’t know how to choose between one job or another, then they need our help to decide if our opportunity is the right fit for them. Remember, only WE know what type of person we hope applies for any given job. Only WE know what types of people succeed in our job. Only WE know if education, experience, or work ethic are the main factors needed to be successful.

So, here’s a place to start. In your job ad, instead of describing the job you are hiring for, how about using the ad to describe the type of person you hope applies? What is their life situation? Why might they be unhappy in their current job? What type of job do people normally have right before this one? Why might they be looking for a change? What life issues are solved by coming to this job or your company?

If we are the only ones who know the type of person who fits, what are we doing asking people who have never been here to decide if they belong here?

If you are looking for insight or specific action steps to grow a process within your organization to Win the War for Talent, please reach out. It’s my passion to help companies solve their talent issues, whether that is finding the right talent or retaining and developing that talent. With the right processes in place, your organization can grow and thrive even more!

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