With thousands of job changes under my belt as a career coach, I can say without fear of contradiction that they all had one thing in common… they started because someone was unhappy or dissatisfied. What does that mean for your attempt to attract new people to come to work for you? It means that what worked in the past may not work today.

Let’s test my hypothesis. When do you make a substantive change in your life? When do you buy a new car? Likely, when you lose faith in your old car, or you get promoted and your old car isn’t as cool as the new you. When do you buy a new house? Only when your life situation changes in a dramatic way (new job, or a new baby perhaps?). These are long term choices that mean you have to leave something important behind (friendly neighbors or a car you loved for years). I think we can equate that with the enormous decision to leave a job.

Remember what you are asking people to do to come to work for you: Leave everyone and everything that they know behind to go to work with a bunch of strangers. To be willing to do that, something MUST have changed in their life to cause them to take such an enormous risk. So, what is it? Bad boss? Too long of a commute? Passed over for a promotion? Wrong shift? Business instability?

Even people who are contacted by a recruiter and leave for more money took that call for some reason. The question really is: What problem are you solving for the person who is answering your job ad? …Seems like a good place for us to start.

If you are looking for insight or specific action steps to grow a process within your organization to Win the War for Talent, please reach out. It’s my passion to help companies solve their talent issues, whether that is finding the right talent or retaining and developing that talent. With the right processes in place, your organization can grow and thrive even more!

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