Chris Czarnik is an international speaker, trainer, and author on the subjects of job search, recruitment, and employee development and engagement. His style is like no other. Your audience will not only be energized and delighted, but they will walk away with actionable strategies they can put to work right away.  He is recognized as a subject matter expert (SME) for Pearson Publishing, Vistage, and several industry associations. His newest book, Winning the War for Talent has been republished as an Ignite book by Sourcebooks.


Level 1 - Basic: Knowledge & Comprehension

Presentations range from 30-90 minutes and are suitable for large audiences of stakeholders from different fields and background (e.g. Keynotes, Conferences, Retreats, etc.)

Topics include:

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Where Have All the People Gone?

Why there is a talent shortage and what we can do about it

Become an Employer of Choice

Strategies leaders can implement to change their culture

Leading Employees Today

For groups of new managers
Strategies to engage and retain staff members while you grow

Become Hunters of Talent

Strategies for Recruiters and HR team members to implement for the new world of recruiting

Win the War for Talent

An overview of the talent shortage causes, what employees are looking for, and how to recruit and engage them

Level 2 - Intermediate: Application

Presentations range from half-day to one-day and are suitable for large audiences of stakeholders from the same industry or specific levels of leadership (e.g. Industry Training, Regional Events, Retreats, etc.)

Topics include:

Win the War for Talent

A deep dive into issues faced by specific industries and strategies to recruit talent

Become an Employer of Choice

How to create a culture that creates, engages, and retains great talent

Become Hunters of Talent

Intense training for HR staff and recruiters on specific strategies and mindset for finding great talent

Engage and Retain Employees

Intense training for leadership, managers, and HR staff on how to develop no-cost retention programs

Level 3 - Individualized: Bespoke Models

Presentations are 2-day workshops involving custom analysis and synthesis for individual organizations. Suitable for cross-functional contributors to create a recruitment and engagement/retention team within a single organization.  Contact us for more details on this option.

Past Speaking Events

Chris Czarnik has worked with the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).
Chris Czarnik has worked with Wisconsin Manufacturing Extension Partnership (WMEP).
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