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Job Search is Nothing More Than a Research Project

Whatever type of job seeker you are, when you begin to look at your options as a research project, it changes the whole outlook of your search.
Learn how you can look for the information that can lead you to finding the job of your dreams!

Job seekers are being held captive to a hiring process that is broken. Sending resumes and cover letters into the “black hole” of HR and trying to “fit” into any job opening available has many frustrated and feeling like they have no control. Most jobs that are available aren’t ever advertised and job seekers typically aren’t aware of the number of employers within a 30 mile radius of their home. Chris’s approach to job search has been developed and refined by personally working with thousands of job seekers for over a decade.

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Job Search Revolution teaches job seekers an approach that centers on researching themselves and the opportunities available to them. In this way, it gives them the control they seek in their search. Take a look at one of our successful client testimonials to hear in his own words how the program helped him in his search.

"If you're WILLING to do the work, Chris is ABLE to help you succeed in your quest for a future career (not just getting a job) or find a better career. The HSE (Human Search Engine) that Chris uses takes all guess-work out of the process of finding employment by having the individual follow a step-by-step process that has a proven success track that nothing can come close to."

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Take control of your job search.

Human Search Engine for Career Search
A Serious Jobseeker's Guide

This is a new day for job seekers! No other time in history has there been such a shortage of talent – 11 MILLION people – and employers are feeling it. If you are planning your career or thinking of changing careers, NOW is the time!

This step-by-step guide will put you in the driver’s seat, show you what to do next and how to do it. The Human Search Engine will turn you into your own recruiter and help put you in front of people and organizations that are looking for you – IF you do the work. (Yes, there is work involved…)

HSE Online

HSE ONLINE: A Serious Job Seeker's Guide | Workshop by Chris Czarnik
Through the assignments and exercises, HSE teaches you to execute a linear and sequential process to help uncover the 75% of jobs that are never advertised. The program includes video instruction as well as weekly check-in conference calls. You will learn how to implement this process on a day-by-day basis. If you are tired of using traditional job search methods (sending resumes to posted job ads) and frustrated by their lack of results, HSE is the gateway to a job search that YOU control and will uncover opportunities that traditional methods never could!

HSE Workbook

Book: Human Search Engine for Career Search, a Serious Jobseekers Guide by Chris Czarnik

The print workbook is currently sold out, but you can still get the workbook in a convenient digital format! Easily download the training and worksheets and use them at your own pace! 

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