Finding Employees

Today things are not at all like yesterday. Best practices from the past don’t work now. There’s a war now for talented employees and we want YOU to win!

Finding Employees | Author and Speaker Chris Czarnik present a keynote workshop to an engaged audience

Group Workshops

Designed for stakeholders from different fields and industries. Suitable for co-sponsored Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development events.
  • 60-90 minutes, half-day, or full-day
  • Applicable to wide range of industries
  • Participants leave with actionable strategies

Individual Training

Two-day train-the-trainer style workshop where Chris evaluates your organizations situation and collaborates with your team to create custom solutions for you.
  • Individual solutions created
  • Internal recruitment team created
  • Ongoing support
Finding Employees | Chris Czarnik presents at gBETA

Keynotes and Presentations

Chris is well-known throughout the U.S. and Canada for his funny, in your face style that is part tough-love, part cheerleader!
  • No one will fall asleep!
  • Everyone will leave with actionable steps!
  • No vague generalities!

"Chris's presentation was high energy and though provoking. He helped us realize that recruiting and retaining talent doesn't have to be difficult, we just need to apply common sense and known business practices to our recruitment efforts. We're really looking forward to implementing the ideas and strategies that came out of our two-day workshop!"

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