Human Search Engine is a revolutionary, proven job search process that has been developed and tested over 14 years with thousands of job seekers.

The process shows job seekers a step-by-step method to identify their own value and unique abilities and then find companies that need those skills and have similar values.

This process by-passes the Human Resources department and instead exposes you to the managers that have the exact problems you are qualified to solve.

HSE has been effective for more than a decade with thousands of job seekers. The process has been featured in newspapers, television and radio. It was also presented to all members of the 113th Congress as a new model for job search. Government agencies and colleges around the country have adopted this system.

Human Search Engine utilizes a similar process of definition, research and marketing that billion dollar companies have used for more than one hundred years. This process can be seen in action on television, on the internet and in the news.

HSE is designed to teach you how to access the “hidden job market”… But there is no magic here. Resumes and cover letters are less important than what you will learn during this process. You will have to do the work, but the benefits will be more than worth it.

Because HSE is a process and not a product, different inputs (your situation) equals different outputs (an individualized search).By completing the assignments you create your own search based on your own situation – and are led to the job that’s the right fit for you. As we say in our presentations – NO MORE “Gumbying” your way into a job that really isn’t right for you.

That depends on you.  Our statistics show that most serious users land a new role within about 12 weeks.  If you take breaks, work slower, or stop-and-start it will probably take longer.  

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